JazzyFatNastees- The Once and Future(1999)

Sorry for the delay, guys. I've been a little busy. Anyways, here's a little throwback. The JazzyFatNastees have some great voices. They're another group that was slept on in the past. They came out with another album in 2002(The Tortoise & the Hare), but unfortunately, I don't have that one in my possession. I need to find that one ASAP because I enjoyed this album, it's very relaxing. I hope you all enjoy.

1. The Wound
2. How Sad
3. Breakthrough
4. Unconventional Ways
5. Hear Me
6. Sail The Seas
7. Related To Me
8. The Lie
9. Why
10. Let It Go
DOWNLOAD: *Link taken down*


sammysoul said...

Hey JNellz, found your blog through last.fm. Just got me some Chrisette and Othero, I have heard of both before but never got around to listen to them. So thanks mucho for that!
As a thank you from my side, don't worry about finding The Tortoise & The Hare, I got it, and you can download it here:
I myself haven't listen to that album in ages, but will now. So thanks one more time for helping me re-discover my own collection ;-)


Anonymous said...

the quality isn't good enough. thanks so much for uploading, cuz it wasn't anywhere. please upload file with better quality if you have.Jazzyfatnastees The Once and Future

Anonymous said...

"Jazzyfatnastees - Why"