Heather Headley- This Is Who I Am(2002)

Heather Headley is an AMAZING artist, I tell you. The first song I ever heard by her was "I Wish I Wasn't," and then I remember hearing, "In My Mind" a while ago. I didn't even know those songs were by the same artist(Stupid, right? Leave me alone lol). Well anyway, I decided to listen to this album one day and I was amazed. Her voice is SO powerful and it's a shame that she is so underrated. I know that she's going Gospel now, and I'm proud of her, she definitely has the voice for it. Hopefully she will be appreciated in that genre. This is my favorite album from her, I'll probably upload her second one soon. Enjoy!

1. He Is
2. Nature of a Man
3. Fallin' for You
4. I Wish I Wasn't
5. Fulltime
6. Like Ya Use To
7. Always Been Your Girl
8. Sunday
9. Four Words From a Heartbreak
10. Sista Girl
11. Why Should I Cry
12. If It Wasn't for Your Love
DOWNLOAD: *Link taken down*


bl said...

I love Heather - underrated artist!!!! 'In my mind' - that's my track, what a wonderful song, lyrics and video!! She sings perfectly live as well:)

brownskin85 said...

i have discovered her a few days ago, i am completely in love with her album! everything is so nice: her voice, the backing vocals, the instruments, the melodies.... really wonderful!