D'Angelo- Voodoo(2000)

Here is D'Angelo's second album. He is one of my favorite male artists(yes guys, A MAN!). I don't use the term "Neo-Soul" often, but now is the time to use it. He is a great neo-soul artist. His music is soothing and his voice is incredible. His first album, Brown Sugar is incredible as well. And no, his album was not the inspiration for the title of this blog. I actually named it after my favorite movie. But I hope you all enjoy this album, maybe I'll have Brown Sugar up later on. The one on my computer is messed up, so I have to find the CD and rip it.

1. Playa Playa
2. Devil's Pie
3. Left and Right
4. The Line
5. Send It On
6. Chicken Grease
7. One Mo Gin'
8. The Root
9. Spanish Joint
10. Feel Like Makin' Love
11. Greatdayindamornin'/booty
12. Untitled (How Does It Feel)
13. Africa
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ndiginiz said...

One of best soul (neo-soul) albums I've ever heard. D'Angelo takes music and gives it an enveloping deep rich character of soul-ness.

Off the back of the 1995 release "Brown Sugar" (where have I heard that name before?) and "Live at the Jazz Cafe" in '98, "Voodoo" turned music industry heads and seriously brought to light the quality of D'Angelo and his take on soul music.

The video release of "How does it Feel?" caused a lot of controversy globally but helped to spread the D'Angelo gospel to the masses of people in-need of and wanting a return to roots soul-music.

An album in which D'Angelo seemingly reveals himself and strips back the quintessential commercialism of "Brown Sugar" he sets himself free to musically express thoughts and ideas (or perhaps experiences) about relationships, sex and expectations of people.

Two tracks in particular I have a deep seated respect for are "The Line" and "Send it on". The latter a song writing collaboration coupled with Angie Stone amongst others.

A crying shame that D'Angelo's albums that span the ten-plus years since "Brown Sugar", are only a few. Though "the word" is, a new offering soul-ness is not far off in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks yet again-- this blog was introduced me to several great artists :]

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I came across this blog...finally someone with a global perspective on great soul music...you definitely have me hooked!!! :-0