Look Out For Muhsinah's Oscillations: Square.

Yesterday, I just realized that Oscillations: Triangle was never released. I was worried, so I googled what was up. I don't know the full story or if this is even the reason why it wasn't released, but the album was leaked mega early. Heartbreaking. The good news is, she's releasing Oscillations: Square. Info from her blog below.

Yes, what you’ve heard is true! Who? What? Where? When? There is indeed a new installment coming to web at midnight that will only be available directly from this website. Why? In a nutshell… 7/20 is The Golden Girl’s birthday and The Oscillations: Square is in a sense, her gift to the fans.

13 tracks that would surely be lost to time if not for this release. “Gems” if you will, polished to be shared. Hopefully this will hold you all over until The Oscillations:Triangle is complete. Stay tuned throughout the day for more details.