New Music from YahZarah.

Ms. Purple St. James has been working on her new album for some time now. The Ballad of Purple St. James currently has a release date of June 24th. Ever since the release of her album BlackStar, I've been head-over-heels for her. YahZarah brings something new to soul music. Something you just can't get enough of.

Last year, she released an EP entitled The Prelude which consisted of songs that were very different than those on Blackstar. Other than the two albums, YahZarah has created music with The Foreign Exchange, Apple Juice Kid, Camp Lo, and Raheem DeVaughn. Everytime I hear her voice on a song, it lifts my mood. She never disappoints.

Not too long ago, a few new songs surfaced. Hopefully they'll be on her upcoming album. "The Tickler" and "Radio" have two completely different sounds . The former going more in the reggae direction and the latter going in a more upbeat, hip-hop/soul direction. Listen to both below.

"The Tickler"


You can never go wrong with new YahZarah.


Music Careers said...

I love this new music. Hope it's a massive hit. Thanks for this!

Music Careers

Soul UK said...

Yahzarah is one of the most underated feamle singers out there ... lets all hope this is about to change with the release of 'The Ballad...'. Love the 2 songs above (btw there is another on her myspace!)

veronicah said...

The Tickler is awesome!

Musicman said...

She's awesome! I was fortuned enough to get my hands on a rare cd from her: Hear Me.

Musicman said...

Update from her on Twitter... she's sharing 2 albums with the rest of us! 1 album that is hard to find 'Hear Me' and the other one is 'The Prelude' You can find the download links on the blog Honey Soul Music or just follow her on Twitter.