Don't Sleep: Laura Izibor- Let The Truth Be Told.

This is a reminder that the album is now available for purchase in Ireland. The release date in the UK is May 18th, and the release date in the United States is June 16th.

After listening to the album straight through, I have to say that it is worth the purchase. Laura Izibor shows that she has longivity. She doesn't bring the same sound to the table that most other artists do. It bothers me how she's not getting the promo or the attention she deserves. Must be a U.S. thing? Who knows, but it really grinds my gears.

It's been a busy week but hopefully I can make some time to write up a review. But in the meantime, listen to a couple of new tracks from the album below.

"What Would You Do"

"Perfect World"


Anonymous said...

Loving this lady and her album! I don't think it's just a US thing though ... havn't seen much promo here in England either. Not sure about her home country. Let's hope the record label step up and get behind this album before it's too late.

Craigjc said...

Wow. Never heard of her but, i will check her out now.

Anonymous said...

She is very talented, I heard a couple of her songs and looks like the record company has basically made her an Alicia Keys clone.

veronicah said...

Amazing album. I hope she will be promote it more in future. She deserves more attention.

Musicman said...

Yep she's a great singer. Lucky I already got my hands on this CD. I saw her last year perform on North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands.