Anthony David- "4evermore."

Anthony David released this new song via twitter today. The song features Algebra Blessett and The Foreign Exchange's/Little Brother's Phonte. The three of them make a great team. Listen to the song below.



Twitter has officially become the place for promo. MySpace who?


veronicah said...

Nice song. Im gonna check his music.

Realm said...

feels like we've been waiting decades for his new album! cant wait to hear it, i just hope AD hasnt got TOO MANY guest artists and i also hope he hasnt watered his style down after signing to India's label.
Great post :)

Musicman said...

Have to agree with veronicah, very nice song indeed. Let's see what this new cd brings us!

Anonymous said...

I just found another song that I love!...hehe I love songs like these b/c their are so beautiful...this song has definite TRUE meaning!