Chrisette Michele Update.

Here is the album cover for her sophomore album, Epiphany. The album was initially slated to be released at the end of March, but it currently has a release date of May 19th. Thanks go to Rap-Up.

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WOOSH said...

The cover looks pretty cool, I like it. It's so different from the cover to her debut, which was an amazing album.

This cover looks more mature, which is a look she needs for her amazing (no doubt it will be a HOT album) follow up. A bit sad it's been put back a couple of months though, if true.

Vivrant Thang said... side eye a twitcheth. I see the same Photoshop "guru" that shaved down JHud has taken his tool to Chrissy. They need to quit it.

But I'll just be more concerned about what's inside, which I'm VERY dismayed to see has been pushed back.

Sunshyne said...

what's with the teddy bear?

Craigjc said...

Great-looking cover.
And this is a cool blog.