Artist Spotlight: Nneka.

Nneka Egbuna was born in Nigeria in a town called Wari. While she was living there, she sang for her school's choir. At the age of nineteen, she moved to Germany where she pursued music. Nneka's life in Nigeria and Germany contributes to her unique music style and voice. In the year 2006, Nneka released her first album entitled Victim of Truth. The album is quite diverse and includes up-tempo songs such as "Changes." It also includes slow-tempo songs, such as the song "Confession."

Nneka released her second album, No Longer At Ease, in 2008. Like her first album, this album is very diverse in style. The song "Heartbeat" was the first single from the album and allowed her to receive a little more recognition. If you ever need a song to give you that certain feeling, this is one to listen to. The song is her most played song on and the video is her video with the highest amount of views. She says that the song is not about a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship like everyone believes it is, but it's much deeper than that. It is about Western culture's influence on Africans. "Evaded, eliminated, erased, interrogated/Our tradition, our love for our fellow countrymen/our property, our resources - our pride." Check out the video below:

And also, the video for her latest single,"Kangpe," was released a couple of weeks ago.

Don't forget the name and make sure you listen to her albums. Unfortunately, I don't think hard copies are available in the states so you may need to get it shipped or just order a digital copy from iTunes. Now excuse me while I put No Longer At Ease back in heavy rotation.


Anonymous said...

love her sound

they also have alot of her stuff at

Troubleman said...

Amazing Singer!!!