Remember that randomness post I made a few months ago? The one where I made a list of albums I need to hear new material from. Well a lot of things have changed since I made that post..therefore I have to add on to it..or simply update it. Old text in black, new in red.

Goapele: The world has not been blessed with an album of hers since '05. I don't know about you all, but I'm starting to have withdrawals. "Don't Be Shy" is a great song, I nearly had a heart attack when I first heard it, but I'm in need of a new album! Hopefully one is coming soon, maybe next year?
Well, well, well. I was kind of right. She's been working hard on an upcoming project so we just might get a new album this year. This deserves a smile.

India.Arie: It's been two years since her last album. Call me greedy, but I need more songs. I know that she's doing her thing on Broadway though, so that's good. Maybe she'll record another song afterward. All I need is one song, just ONE new song and I'll be satisfied.
I must be psychic or something. She IS coming out with Testimony Vol. 2 later this month and she just recently released a video for her single, "Chocolate High" with Musiq. This deserves a smile as well.

Chrisette Michele: I Am is beautiful...just beautiful. Like I said for India.Arie, all I need is ONE song and I'll be satisfied. Even if she only sang one word in a collabo, I'd be satisfied.
Wish fulfilled! We now have her new single "Epiphany," plus an album coming in March. Also, she was featured on The Game's L.A.X.. Three for three.

D'Angelo: *sighs* I miss his voice. He's supposedly making a return next year and I can't wait.

Erykah Badu: I know it's only been a few months since her last album, but I can't wait for NA Part II. Go ahead and call me greedy again.
Well, Miss Badu just delivered one of her "projects." One down, one more to go. *cough* Part II. But take your time. I'm just really hyped for part II and a new single. Call me a stan, if you will.

Heather Headley: She's supposed to be making a gospel album, so I'm looking out for that.
Gospel album was released. Great material. Gospel is very fitting for her. This deserves a smile.

Amel Larrieux: I wonder if there's a new album in the making...
Eh x2.

Corinne Bailey Rae: I know she's going through a lot right now considering her husband passed away. I'm not expecting anything to come out this year, but I just hope she's going to record a new album. No rush.
Eh and a sigh.

Four out of eight.

Besides these artists, I need to hear material from Maxwell, Muhsinah, Laura Izibor, Me'Shell Ndeg
éocello, and Fertile Ground. What a greedy fan I am.

And completely off topic: I finally got "hip" and created a twitter account. *Sigh* ECJ was already "hip."


Wik said...

Nice post:) I need a new Goapele's album too, so badly;/ I know she's working hard on new album, but still... I need this album:) Heather - the gospel album is my favorite Heather's album - I'm surprised that I like it so much:) I'm happy that Chrisette will release a new album, great.

And I don't wanna talk about Maxwell, D'Angelo or Lauryn? Yeah.

PS. Everyone has a twitter account nowadays... I don't, still trying to figure out why I need another application:] Hugs!