Havana - Life:Living In Fearless Emotion (2005)

Havana is a slightly unknown artist, with only one released album from three years ago.  Being from Southern California, she used her music to help block out the negative things in her childhood.  This album has some great producers, like Nicolay from Foreign Exchange.  Hopefully with the well deserved amount of attention that Foreign Exchange is getting, that we may hear something from Havana soon.  Enjoy.

1. Intro/Free to Be Me
2. Shine
3. A Few Words
4. Yeah
5. Life
6. Search in (Only You Know)
7. Prelude To...
8. Feel My Love
9. Caught Up
10. True Luv
11. Tangled
12. Shine (Nic's Remix)


tompaulman said...

What a coincidence!!! I am listening to this album right now, after more than a year without hearing it. And then I open this blog and see this, lol

I like Havana and her futuristic sound.. I hope she's working on something new

Anonymous said...

im feeling this so far. Im in a cubicle at the gig, Gotta give it the home/car audio test next.

Anonymous said...

You know? I tried REAL hard to like this sister. Real hard. Everyone (read: every woman i know) keep saying "you gotta check it out" - - - well I found it underwhelming, to say the least.

She has potential, but on the real? She needs vocal lessons. A finetuned voice does wonders to a quirky sound. It gives it legitimacy and as Redbull says "gives it wings". Without real vocal control, she just sounds like she is avoiding the responsibility to be on key and hit the full spectrum of notes available to the ear drum lol

I see where she was headed, she just didn't make it all the way there.

Anonymous said...

Vocally, she's doesn't wow me. Sorry, but I gotta keep it funky.

Anonymous said...

she is working on another album as we speak!

Anonymous said...

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