Alice Russell Releases a Pot Of Gold

Alice Russell released her third album Pot Of Gold, on Nov 3rd.  I don't know how I missed this album.  Must have been when I was entranced by Yazarah's new EP.  Anyway, I've been waiting for something new from here.  This album has a slightly different sound.  She still has the great band Quantic.  If you can picture her last albums as a smokey night lounge, with soothing melodies wafting from the stage.  Then imagine this album as the next morning in a coffee shop in New Orleans, with energy, funk and a great feel.  It has a level of energy that I've only seen glimpses of, in her previous work.  The song Hunger is addictive.  Check it out.

01. Turn and Run
02. Two Steps
03. Living the Life of a Dreamer
04. Let Us Be Loving
05. Got The Hunger?
06. Lights Went Out
07. Crazy
08. Hesitate
09. Universe
10. Hurry On Now
11. All Alone