Review: John Legend- Evolver.

Well, well, well, the agonizing wait for Evolver is finally over. As you all know, the album leaked a couple of weeks ago but I did not listen to it. As bad as I wanted to, I didn't. I've heard a lot of good things about it, but at the same time, I've heard a lot of bad things. I've been so anxious to hear it and I was pretty sure that it would be one of my top three albums of the year.

Boy was I wrong.

Okay, the album is not horrible, but it's definitely not a Get Lifted. I understand that he was trying to do something a little different for this album, but I wish he didn't. There's something I have against John's voice over a produced track and many of the tracks are produced, but a couple of my favorites are "No Other Love," and "Quickly."

Even though Mr. Legend tried to switch things up for us, you see that he couldn't shy away from his Once Again and Get Lifted days. "I Love, You Love"* is a prime example of that. His voice on that track is just fantastic and it is definitely getting the most plays out of all the other tracks right now. Also, "This Time,"* and "If You're Out There" are other examples. I don't know about you, but I would have liked to hear more songs like that on the album. If that was the case, Evolver would have been battling with Get Lifted for the title of my favorite John Legend album.

Overall, the album is very unpredictable and unexpected, and he is clearly "evolving" into something different. If you like change, this album is for you. If you don't...well, you're in for a surprise.

**I'm going to upload these once zshare stops acting up.


Black Maybe said...

This entire review could change because I think this album may be a grower.

Anonymous said...

I like change but i still dont like this cd....veeery disappointing....and what i really dont get is every keeps saying hes trying to go for a more upbeat flava but "get lifted" a had many upbeat songs but those were more it sounds liek what hes really trying to go for is more of a mainstream sound....and i dont think its really working for him....

Just Josh Funk said...

This is what I've heard from a lot of reviews. I think it's just a lackluster effort.

bl said...

You're right - this album needs to grown on you. I felt the same way as you at first time I've listened to it... so I am not surprised by your review:) I like the same songs, but still I love his previous albums more... Even though 'Evolver' is not bad and it's more mainstream music for sure. I miss the 'harshness' (I don't know if it's a good word for it) of his previous albums - piano, his strong voice, powerful lyrics and some hip-hop beats - I don't need more when it comes to John Legend.

Thanks for your review and ... it must have been hard to wait so long - but you've made it - yeah;)

RachelM0668 said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cd. I love that he tried something different. As an artist you have to do that to stay fresh and to keep coming with something genuine. My favorite song on the cd is QUICKLY. Does anyone know when that will be coming out as a single?

Vivrant Thang said...

You already know how I feel about this album. Loved it. Unlike many though, I didn't like Once Again AT ALL.

I like the direction Johnny Boy has gone in with this one. I agree that I would like less production and more live instrumentation.

I really wish they would lower these ticket prices so people could enjoy more live shows.

I think a lot of people would fall in love with these songs seeing him backed by a LIVE band. I think that some people's entire view of the album would change because I underneath all of the production, he has many beautiful songs on there - beautifully sung. Just overproduced.

Randi said...

Personally I LOVE this album. I did have to get used to the heavy production but I think it works for John. I like when artists change up, it shows that they are not just good at 1 type of music.

By far Get Lifted has been my fav album. Once Again took a while (I'm talking months) to grow on me but I did learn to love it.