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bl said...

I found something about the fact that some music is leaking nowadays, from John:

Do you love or loathe the internet, as far as what it does for your career?

"It's a fact of life, a lot of new records get leaked over the internet, that's how you get feedback from the fans. Whenever my song comes out, I go and search the web to see what people are saying about it, because I'm curious to see how people react to stuff. The internet's a good thing, it keeps you in touch with your fanbase, and it has a good affect on music, because there's so many ways to share it. Obviously, it's hurt record sales because of the downloading, and one way to combat that is for artists to make CD's that are worth buying. Otherwise, you have to understand that you're not going to sell what they sold 10 years ago, top sellers are seven, eight million these days, if that, not 20. That's just how the business is right now. I'm not complaining. I'm in a good position right now, happy and comfortable. I have more than one revenue stream (laughs)."


I'm waiting for your review of 'Evolver'! I'm curious what do you think about it... because it's different;)