Mini-Review: Ayọ- Gravity at Last.

Most of you may already be familiar with the singer, Ayọ. If not, here's a little info: Ayọ born Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin, is an Afro-German singer/song writer. Her debut album, Joyful, was released in 2006 in Europe, and 2007 in the states. She released her first single, "Down on My Knees" in 2006 which is an emotional track about someone begging the love of their life not to leave them. Now on to the mini-review...

If you mix a wonderful voice, a beautiful woman, soul, R&B, blues, reggae, a guitar, and Ayọ, what do you get? Gravity at Last. The album was released October 7th, 2008, was recorded in March of 2008, and just like her first album, was recorded within five days. The track, "Slow Slow (Run Run)" was chosen as the first single from the album, and what a great choice it was(watch the video at the end). "Better Days" should become the second single. It's one of those tracks that must be put on repeat. It's truly a gem. Other gems are "Love and Hate" and "Lonely." Overall, the album is excellent. She didn't seem to deviate too far from what one would call her sound, which is a very good thing.

Purchase on Amazon(import). The album is not yet available on iTunes.

Slow Slow (Run Run)