Here's A Treat: Georgia Anne Muldrow- Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth (2006)

Georgia Anne Muldrow is a singer who is signed to Stones Throw Records. She is a close friend of Dudley Perkins, and they have recorded an album together. She has collaborated with the likes of SA-RA, Platinum Pied Pipers, and Erykah Badu. If you've heard Erykah's latest album, you've heard Georgia Anne Muldrow on the song "Master Teacher." Catch the album while you can!

1. New Orleans
2. Melanin
3. Wrong Way
4. Feet
5. Frames
6. Lovelight
7. Radio WNK
8. Because
9. Speakervision
10. Wheels
11. Birds
12. Amnrh (Interlude)
13. West Coast Recycler
14. Boom
15. Patience
16. Blackman
17. Leroy
18. Nowadayze
19. Skaw De Beast
20. Epilogue
21. Blackman (Reprise)

Looks like you missed it.


Rush said...

i would love to download the album but we capped in south africa and downloading is a bummer