Get To Know: Suai.

So I'm sitting here watching (kind of watching, kind of not) ABC Family's "Lincoln Heights," and I hear some female's voice. She sounded great so I was like, "who is this?!" (if you don't watch Lincoln Heights, you should. Aside from it being a good show, they usually feature "underground" artists on there). Anyway, I waited until the end of the show to get find out what her name was and I looked her up immediately.

Suai (Pronounced Sway) is an artist signed with Universal Motown. While she was just a teen, she released an independent album and released a single by the name of "Forever and A Day," which was a hit on Detroit's radio station WJLB. Suai is currently working on an album which should be dropping sometime this year. Also, she'll be on the official album for Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign with the song, "Am I All Alone?" Keep your eyes open, people. =)

Check out her MySpace, Official Site, and YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you should really listen to this new song by Polish soul singer Natu, she sings in English and this song is great! My recommendation ;)

Black Maybe said...

Thank you =)

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