Little Dragon- Little Dragon(2007)

I guess you can put this album under the "electronica" genre? I'm not too sure, it has a little bit of everything. Someone on had recommended that I give them a listen, and I did. This is a very enjoyable album. The lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, sounds like a mixture of Kissey Asplund and Erykah to me(not her style, her voice). Check it out for yourself:

1. Twice
2. Turn Left
3. No Love
4. Recommendation
5. Constant Surprises
6. Forever
7. After the Rain
8. Place to Belong
9. Stormy Weather
10. Test
11. Wink
12. Scribbled Paper


Djedi said...

I fell in love with this last year...awesome album...yukumi is ill!!!

Anonymous said...

This is *gorgeous*. Scribbled Paper is an incredible song. Wow.