Joy Denalane- Born & Raised(2006)

Joy Denalane is a musician who was born in Schoneberg, Berlin. At the age of sixteen, Denalane started to focus on her music. At the age of nineteen, she was signed to a pop label, but she was soon released because her and her management could not come to an agreement on what her music should sound like. She was then signed to Four Music and released her debut album Mamani in June of 2002, which debuted at number eight on the German Albums Chart. In 2006, she and her husband founded their own label, Nesola Records, and Denalane released this album. This album is completely different from her first because it was recorded in Philly, while Mamani was recorded in Germany, and it's also in English. The album has appearances from rappers Lupe Fiasco, Raekwon, and Governor. A couple of standouts are A Stranger In This Land and Caught Up. Also, the song "7 Year Inch" is a beautiful tribute to the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul AKA Mary J. Blige. Enjoy.
1. Change (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
2. Let Go
3. Be Real
4. Heaven or Hell (Feat. Raekwon)
5. One in a Milliion
6. For the Love
7. 7 Year Itch
8. Caught Up
9. Stranger in This Land
10. Start Over
11. Born & Raised
12. Something Stirrin' Up (Feat. Governor)
13. Despite It All
14. Soweto '76 - '06
15. Sometimes Love


ECJ said...

This a great album. And this is her FIRST album in english. I played this album for at least a month, every time I was in the car.

Anonymous said...


About 2 days ago I found this site, and from that moment I`ve been checking it almost every day.. I can only say that I love music with a soul.. and that is exactly what I can find here. Thank you very much for introducing me to such beautiful voices! Your musical taste is exquisite. Keep it like that and don`t change :)

Greetings from Poland


Josef said...

Any Nneka fans in the building? If you like Joy you'll absolutely fall in love with Nneka. The Uncomfortable Truth Video: