Jaguar Wright - And Your Point is (2004) Unreleased

This is another hard to find album.  This one was never released, since it was lost in the shuffle when she moved from MCA Records to Artemis Records.  Some of the songs made it to her last album "Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul".  She has a very unique and gritty sound that will grasp you from the first song.  Sorry for the small album art, but it's hard to find album art for a unreleased album.  Enjoy. 

01 Let Me Be The One
02 Go Home
03 Play The Field feat Musiq
04 Maybe
05 Go To My Place
06 Happy For Ya
07 When You Love Your Man
08 Flower
09 One Night Stand
10 Told Ya
11 So High
12 Ecstasy
13 Sorry feat Genuwine
14 One More Drink
15 Self Love ft. Scratch