Get To Know: Sarah White.

I'm going to be honest, I don't have too much to say about her right now because I JUST discovered her today (shame on me....props to Nu-Soul Magazine, though). I went to her MySpace and gave a couple of her songs a listen. One word that I'd use to describe them: "WOW!" Please, please, please go to her MySpace and listen to her songs. If you like them, I suggest you purchase her EP, "Hiding Blind," off of iTunes. As soon as I can listen to that, I'll definitely post a little review on it.

Oh, and check out her blog (well, a blog she co-writes on). It's under the links, it's called "Wrong Lips."


Tarik said...

I manage Sarah White. Thanks for the love!!!

Musicman said...

Thanks for pointing out to this "rising star"! Just bought the cd.