Groove Theory- Groove Theory(1995)

This album is very close to being one of my favorite albums of all time. Groove Theory is a duo and it consists of Bryce Wilson and the lovely Amel Larrieux. Their song "Tell Me" was always one of my favorite songs, so one day I got curious and wondered what the rest of the album was like. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. I could write 20 paragraphs about this album and not say ONE negative thing, that's how good it is. This I really wish they released another album. Anyways, enjoy!

1. 10 Minute High
2. Time Flies
3. Ride
4. Come Home
5. Baby Luv
6. Tell Me
7. Hey U
8. Hello, It's Me
9. Good 2 Me
10. Angel
11. Keep Tryin'
12. You're Not The 1
13. Didja Know
14. Boy At The Window
DOWNLOAD: *Link taken down*


Anonymous said...

thanx a lot. I had this album on a tape and I was searching on the web to find it as mp3s. And I found your blog. So thx a lot. Great album no doubt. Reminds me of my young days ;-)

S said...

Any chance of putting the link back up?