Carla Duren - BlackFolkRockStar(2007)

With an extensive background in the arts, Carla Duren is making her way into the collective stream of consciousness that is Neo Soul meets Folk. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Carla honed in on her many talents and found an outlet for such in performance.
1. Resuscitate My Soul
2. Ostrich
3. Can I Sing 4 U?
4. Cornflakes & Honesty
5. 1st Day of Forever
6. Lullabye
7. Belove
8. BlackFolkRockStar (Intro)
9. BlackFolkRockStar
10. Daddy's Little Boy
11. Green Bananas
12. Why?
13. Woman



Musicman said...

I have a copy of this cd... Beautiful album with a mix of emotions. This is a "must have" in your collection!