Under Construction.

Yes, again. Due to my lack of intelligence, I went clicking around without first saving the original template. All I wanted to do was SAVE the template, but I clicked the wrong section on blogger and saved one of the templates they have available. The original template that was on use is NOT on my computer at the moment, at least I can't find it right now. I'd say this is FML worthy.

In the meantime, I'm still going to post. Even though the layout is no longer up to par. Now I'll have to dedicate the rest of my day to creating a new one.

On a lighter note...have you listened the songs Kissey Asplund uploaded on her birthday? (July 23rd) She re-recorded these songs which she wrote at the age of 19. She was going to quit music but thankfully she did not. Download them below.

1. Jazzcool
2. My Way

On to tackle the layout...