New Goapele: Milk & Honey.

We've heard a snippet of it way back in April, well now the full version is FINALLY here. If you have always been a fan of her material, you'll remain loyal. This track is so soulful just like everything else she releases. She never fails to deliver. Like the song says, it's "Just like milk and honey, it feels so warm inside." I would say more about it, but I think your best bet is to listen. Get an eargasm below. Hopefully you'll put it on repeat.



According to her site, we can expect a video soon.


R&B Guru said...

I like the vocals on this track but honestly, that beat is annoying as hell. That rising and falling sound is like death to my ears.

Savoy said...

Goapele is definitely one of the better female artists of our time....Has anyone heard that song On The Ocean by K’Jon…has that same soulful vibe as Goapele's music….yall should check it out @

Anonymiss said...

I love this song and I agree with the Guru. The instrumentals are a bit annoying but I think the song is good regardless. Will be adding this to my ipod soon.