Audio: Maxwell's "Bad Habits."

The song is the second single from his upcoming album, BLACKsummers'night. You can listen to the song after the jump. It's also available on iTunes. The album and the deluxe version are also available on iTunes for pre-order. The album will be here July 7th people!

"Bad Habits"


kiki said...

I love Maxwell!!)I can't wait for the CD. said...

Hey there,

I just can't get over Maxwell cutting his hair... I mean...that's what made him soooo Lenny Kravitz sexy!! the hair!!

{looong sigh}

Did I mention that I've never heard his music? *LOL*

Anonymous said...

I am really feelin the new material by Maxwell...can't wait for July 7 for his album and Aug 4 for K'Jon's album. Honestly, K'Jon reminds me alot of Maxwell in terms how they songs make you feel...if yall don't know K'Jon he sings that song On The Ocean. Check his music out @

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Maxwell is black and I look forward to the release of his CD. =) Thanks for sharing this song, I love it.

MartinFister said...

Maxwell's been tearing it up with his album sales. So good! See what happens. You put out a solid album and you do well.

This is a great song from the album. I just wish there was more to it!

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