Choklate: To Whom It May Concern.

When hearing the name Choklate, I automatically think of the word brilliant. After listening to her self-titled debut album just last year, I instantly became a fan. The album was such a perfect soul creation and I didn't think she could release anything better than that album. Yet again, I was proven wrong.

The new album, To Whom it May Concern, is just as good, if not better than her debut. She brings the same soul and voice on this album that she brought on her previous one. However, don't mistake the term "same" for something negative. I find it very respectful that she didn't try to change anything drastically and go try to receive some mainstream love. If you are a fan of Choklate and love her music, you will be very satisfied with the album.

The album is now available on Amazon and in stores. Make sure you get a copy. Two, even.

Below are a few favorites from the album.

"6.8 Billion"

"The Blues"

"No Answer"


Anonymous said...

I agree the album is fantastic ... i like it even more than her debut. Apparently stores both here in the UK and over in the US are selling out and having to reorder which is great news!

Lulu said...

These tracks are hot. I seriously underestimated Choklate...

Robert "Tres" Trujillo said...

Damn that #$%& slaps hella hard. Good looking out for putting this one up.Yeah!