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There are three kinds of artists- those whose songs sound amazing on the CD and bad live, those whose songs sounds bad on the CD and sound amazing live, and those whose songs sound amazing on the CD and even more amazing live. My favorite has to be the third and with that being said, part of this post is dedicated to Erykah "On & On" Badu.[1]

Erykah, Erykah, Erykah. As a big Badu fan, I have to say that there is nothing like ripping the plastic off an album, busting the case open, popping the CD into a stereo, and listening to her beautiful music. All of her songs are incredible and I always find myself thinking, "I know she's going to perform the *heck* out of this song live." She has so much energy in her live performances so it's nearly impossible for you to hate her music. I mean, who could? Now we're all familiar with her song "Appletree" from Baduizm. You know, track number three? The smooth, neo-soul tune that comes after "On & On"? That one. Now if you have heard it, you would never expect her to perform that song the way she does. Check out one of the performances from last year's Vortex tour of the song below:

Great right? *wishes she was there* She performs with soooo much soul. The soul many artists seem to lack. And the thing very admirable about her is the fact that she makes music because she loves it. She performs because she loves it. Not for the money and not for other's approval. On everyone's Bucket List, there should be Attend an Erykah Badu show listed. In the top 20 at least! Watch this performance of Danger below(Worldwide Underground is just wonderful live...from what I see on YOUTUBE, unfortunately):

Okay, let me cut to the chase. I. Need. New. Amerykah. Part. Two. Not just because I want something new from Miss Badu, but because I need something NEW.

*SWITCH* You may have noticed that there have not been many posts lately and I apologize. The artists I want to post about here aren't that active at this point in time, leaving this blog a ghost town and me very unsatisfied...and a lot of others I'm sure. To keep myself and others occupied, I will be probably be posting about artists and their live performances and other random things until something MAJOR happens *cough part II*. Sorry for the lack of posts once again.

I also need to post a treat. I keep saying this, but look out for Fertile Ground's Seasons Change. Matter of fact, look out for it tomorrow. Stick around!

Oh, in other news, Chrisette Michele is going to go "Radio" on us on Epiphany. "You'll hear more bass heavy stuff and club bangers." Great.

You know, it hasn't been long since I joined Twitter but I'm already addicted. I don't understand. It's like cocaine.

End randomness here.


Bemused said...

if you're open to some new stuff, try:

Foreign Exchange - Connected
Jazzanova - Of All The Things
Platinum Pied Pipers - Abundance

krys. said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. Very enlightening and fresh. Please check out my blog www.amplifiedminds.blogspot.com. Site is dedicated more so to independent/underground artists as well.

*Sidebar* Love the Jazzanova track "Look What You're Doing to Me"!!