Tawiah Live at Big Chill Bar.

Watch a few videos from her show at the end of January. With less than a hundred views, they need some major love. She performs every single one of her songs so well and she has a lot of energy. A full-length album is much needed (if you have not checked out her EP In Jodi's Bedroom, you're missing out. Check it out on iTunes).

"Another One"

"Every Step"

"Watch Out"

For the rest of the videos, click HERE.

Please, come to the states.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great work and suggestions on singers - especially underground from the U.S., UK and rest of Europe: it's amazing how many of these artists I too love: Giovanca , Sabrina and Kissey are some of my favorites. And this lady: I agree - Live at the Chill Bar is the closest we can get in the States.
One person I'd also suggest that I didn't see here is Vula - aside from being Tawiah's backup singer (you can see her here -the singer in the middle) she's been the voice of some great cuts from Basement Jaxx - especially "Oh my Gosh" - a hilarious song with a fantastic funny video.) Anyway, she's got her own EP launching her own career - "If you want it, No. 1." It's a little taste of this great, diverse artist and if you go to youtube and check out Vula on 1Xtra singing 2 songs - 'If you Want it" and "Oh my Gosh" you can get a taste of this amazing voice. (And out of Europe for eclectic tastes are 2 albums from Jaqee - out of Uganda/now Sweden" Blaqalicious and Nouvelle D'amour - a more acquired taste but has some really fun tracks). Oh- and check out Eric Lau's New Territories for great voices Sarina and Rahel especially . I've made an itunes mix of "British Soul Underground" and "Hypnotize You" with some of the British and European singers here that I've also been a fan of. (Sorry for such a long post and thanks for the heads up on Tok Tok Tok).
Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the work you do making us aware of great music.

Wik said...

Thanks for letting me know;) She sounds great!!