Get To Know: Ntjamrosie.

Ntjamrosie is a soul/jazz artist from Southern Cameroon. When she was a young child, she moved to the Netherlands. As she got older, she became influenced by soul and R&B music and started to sing. However, she never had the intention of singing professionally. As time passed, she realized that music was indeed her passion. When she got older, she studied at the World Music Academy of the Rotterdam Conservatoire and majored in singing. There she absorbed various music styles such as bosa novas, boleros, and jazz. These sounds are very apparent in her sound which has been labeled "Bulu Soul." (Bulu is the dialect in Cameroon). On her album, Atouba, she sings in this dialect as well as English and French. The album was released last year. Purchase it from iTunes.

Also, watch her live concert HERE.


Anonymous said...

Well, thus far I am really enjoying the concert. Thanks so much. Your site really lifts my spirits as I learn about different artists! Ciao.

Musicman said...

I visit that concert on fabchannel. She is a great singer from my country. *wink*