Tok Tok Tok releases new album "She And He"

Ok, I should be very ashamed about this right here. One of my favorite groups, and I missed the release of a new album. I just missed it just by oh.......three months. That's all. Anyway, Tok Tok Tok's seventh album in eight years is "She And He". This album has a similar sound to their previous album, so that is a great start already. I'm already loving the relaxed and slow tempo song "The DayDream". Check out some samples of the new album at their site, and it's available at Amazon as an import.

  1. Although He Hurts Me
  2. The Daydream
  3. The Love We Share
  4. Longing For Brad
  5. Lewis & Ruth
  6. As We Are
  7. The Game Is Over
  8. Coração
  9. Crash Crush
  10. Living Hell
  11. Our Little Song
  12. She And He
  13. Vertigo
  14. Harmless In The Beginning