Oh Jazmine, How I Miss Thee...(Retry)

(since the first post disappeared)

Okay, we all know Jazmine from her hits "Bust Your Windows" and "Need U Bad" correct? Well that's not the Jazmine that I used to know. These songs are okay and everything, but what happened to her sound? You know, that "In love with another man" sound? The sound that got her signed? I miss that. Now I was a fan of her album, but I always knew that something about it was missing but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Her voice is made for songs like ILWAM, not the songs that she is singing now.

What made me realize this? Well I was listening to her rendition of "'Round Midnight" the other day and I loved it. I just wish her album was full of songs like that and others like "Silent Tears," and "Take Over You." Hmph.

Her current style isn't a problem though, she's making moves right now. I'm not mad at her.


Anonymous said...

Yeeeaah. I know exactly what you mean. Take Over You, Break My Little Heart, Don't Let Me Get Started, Feel Nice, Resentment...

I was so ready for that vibe on her debut album. Don't get me wrong, I do like some of her album material but the older stuff just kills this newer stuff.

Maybe next time around!?!
*fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

This is big business. Find something you like. Buy it. Tie it down. Beat it. Make it look like the other sh*t you own. Push it out into the marketplace and stand behind in the shadows w/ a switch threatening a fresh beating if it fails to perform.

Think about it. You find this cool organic juice. You start buying it, telling everyone about, consuming it like it was an elixir. Soon everyone is talking about how great it is. More stores carry it. It blows up. Then a bigger company buys it out and quickly works to make it taste "similar" to its original flavor, but using non-organic ingredients (to cut costs of course). Before you realize it you're sitting on the subway drinking something called "drink beverage" wondering where your favorite product went.

A&Rs spend their lives collecting unique talent and trying to mold it to look, sound and sell like something they just sold two weeks ago. I pray for Jazmine. The new songs, the stylists, the photo shots all seem to molding her into something completely different than what got her here. (I think record execs call it "getting to the next level". Where I am from we call it "letting negros change you".)