Review: Musiq- OnMyRadio.

Musiq's 5th LP, OnMyRadio, has been highly anticipated for me. I'm not necessarily a big fan, but I do enjoy his music and I've been anxious to hear what this album would sound like. I have listened to his previous four and I've enjoyed them all, but once I heard the debacle of a first single by the name of "Radio" from this album, I thought he would be releasing something completely different- Something that I wouldn't enjoy. After hearing the leaked tracks, I figured that he would be going into a different direction than I thought. The soul direction, I should say, instead of the mainstream R&B direction.

The album starts off with an uptempo track entitled "Backagain" which I didn't really enjoy. Usually intro tracks set the tone for the rest of the album so I started to think that the leaked tracks were just random fill-ins. After the intro, it goes into "Until" and then the second single, "If U Leave." As I continue listening, I don't hear songs that sound like "Radio." The only song that is reminiscent of that song is "Moneyright." The beat is up-tempo, but Musiq's vocals and lyrics on it are great(it should be considered for the third single). The song "Iwannabe" is something different from Musiq. I've never imagined his voice over a reggae beat, nor having a reggae artist featured on one of his songs. However, it's surprisingly good.

The album as a whole is pretty solid. The best tracks would definitely have to be "Deserveumore," "So Beautiful," and "Moneyright." "Radio" was a VERY misleading single. If you are a diehard Musiq fan or simply just a fan of good soul music, you will enjoy this album. If you're looking for more up-tempo, "Radio"-type songs, you will despise it. The album drops December 9th so make sure you pick it up!

I will NEVER mention "Radio" again, I promise.


Just Josh Funk said...

Are you a Brandy fan? I've been excited about her album. It's out today!

Julie said...

I forgot. Thanks for the reminder or update or whatever!
Now I gotta remember Anthony Hamilton's..