Audio: Tawiah- Talk About It.

I came across this track today and I have no clue where it's from. It wasn't on her EP, so I wonder if this is an older track that didn't make the EP or if it's new and will be included on her LP. Regardless, it sounds good.


WOOSH said...

This is a track from another album that she was on, it's been out a while now. I've had this tune a while, it's listed on iTunes over here as 'Kindred Collective - Pressed & Ready'.

She's also on the new Baby J album, I have the music video for the song on my site. The song she's featured on is called 'Ruffnek Set The Trend'. There are a couple of other tunes out there as well that she's featured on, they're all listed on UK iTunes, I'm not sure if they're on the USA iTunes or not.

Black Maybe said...

Figured. Thanks ;)

ken said...

I have this as a ringtone