Tok Tok Tok's Artist Profile

Tok Tok Tok (MySpace, Wiki)is a group that most have no clue about.  I stumbled upon this German duo (Tokunbo Akinro and Morten Klein) last year, and have been in infatuated with them.  They have a soothing soulfulness.  While you are listening this, you have to wonder how many other artists this good are out there.  They are set to release their NINTH (yes ninth album) on October 26th.  It's titled "She and He", available for pre-order at Amazon.De.  Below is their first single from the new album, titled "Living Hell".

Here is what I think is their best album to date.  This release is perfect for this Sunday afternoons, or those long drives.  

1. Get Away
2. Toxido Junction
3. Oh Lord
4. Drowning in Love
5. Keep Me Warm
6. I Could Never Forget
7. The Only One
8. Get Away (Reprise)
9. How
10. Don't Mess Around with Phyllis Jones
11. As One
12. Flow of Joy