More Randomness....

This one is more like a random rant. Okay, the inspiration of this post comes from one of ECJ's older one about Japan's Greater Love of Good Music. Thinking about it, doesn't it seem like every country EXCEPT America has a greater love of good music? It seems like up-and-coming artists have a better chance everywhere else except here. Especially in Europe.

One evening, I heard Esperanza Spalding's "I Know You Know" playing in a restaurant and I was ecstatic, but no one else was even paying attention to it. I don't know, it seems like Americans are less open-minded when it comes to music than any other country. If it's different, we don't like it. If you don't fit the definition of perfection or beauty, we don't like you. It's a crazy thing.

I wish some of our underground artists could get some radio-play, get their album in stores, and appear on VH1, BET, or MTV. Wouldn't it be great if they just played artists like the ones featured on here or SoulBounce all day? I think I'd be in heaven. The closest we have to that is Soul Deep on VH1 Soul which is only an hour long (at least I think it is...). They should make a whole TV channel dedicated to them. Or a radio station.

Okay, I'm getting carried away now, right? Haha.

In other news, John Legend's album comes out the Tuesday after next. I said that I wasn't going to listen to it until then, and I meant it. However, if you talk to me on, you know that I'm having a hard time fighting temptation. I'm going to win though.


bl said...

Well you might be right to some extent, but still I think that in the USA you have a greater chance to hear even Jazmine Sullivan somewhere on the radio than in my European country:) I think also that some people may be tired of the same R&B music and they look for something more original, weird?...

I don't watch tv, listen to radio at all - it lacks any sense where I live. The same crap all the time. That's why I look for music and thanks to people like you as well;) I am able to hear someone not known to me at all and still appreciate their music.

And stay true to yourself regarding John's album:)

Sorry for my English;p

P.S. Esperanza is wonderful;)