Get To Know: Tawiah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am so late on her, it's not even funny. Tawiah, a soul artist from London, has such a great style and a great voice to match. She can be heard on Wale's Mixtape About Nothing. It's been a while since I heard that song on his mixtape, I don't know why I never looked her up because she sounds amazing. Well anyway, I stumbled upon her name recently and I was thinking, "why does she sound so familiar?" I searched her name and I found her EP In Jodi's Bedroom. Words cannot describe how impressive it is. Europe is really bringing it with the soul music, I tell you. To name a few artists: Hil St. Soul, Giovanca, Estelle, Bryn Christopher, and now her. Good lord...

The tracklisting:
1. Watch Out
2. Another One
3. Boy From Da Endz
4. Every Step
5. Interlude
6. Broken Heart

Standouts? Every single track. I recommend that you all go find this ASAP.

thank you, sensitiveaboutmysh*t.


D said...

She is great! Great add to the blog!

Btw, Giovanca is Dutch :-D

Great blog!!

Black Maybe said...

Oops! Edited.

WOOSH said...

Tawiah is awesome, been a fan of hers for what seems like forever. Her version of 'Candy Rain' is dope!!

There are so many artists doing their thing over here, a few of them hardly receive any love or are virtually unheard of. Nate James is another one of my faves, oh and Terri Walker. Mamas Gun and Cherry BlackStone, check them out too. They are dope!! Here in the UK we have a lot of talent doing the rounds these days, it's great. Floetry are my faves as well, they need to do a new album, for real. Floetry has croosed over though, so a lot of people know who there are, but it's great that many other acts are getting their work out there.

WOOSH said...