Official(?) Tracklisting For John Legend's Evolver.

1. Greenlight Ft. Andre 3000
2. It's Over (Produced By Kanye West)
3. Everybody Knows
4. This Time (Produced By Trevor Horn)
5. Satisfaction (Produced By Will.I.AM)
6. Take Me Away
7. No Other Love Ft. Estelle
8. Good Morning
9. I Love You, Love
10. Satisfaction
11. Cross The Line (Produced By Will.I.AM)
12. If You're Out There (Produced By Trevor Horn)

Hurry up, October 28th!


Loschiavo said...

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bl said...

And... he has the track by Kanye, wonderful!;p John, Maxwell, D'Angelo and maybe now Robin Thicke are the men who rock my music world:) I'm waiting for this album, John is so true to me as Alicia with her music!