Brigette McWilliams - Take Advantage Of Me (1994)

Here is great singer that I found trolling Ebay.  Some great deals on older unknown Soul artists can be found there.  Anyway, Brigette is Chicago born, and was first exposed to Soul music from her mother (Paulette McWilliams), taking her on gigs and shows.  She says that she was influenced by Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Nina Simone, Chaka Khan, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.  "Take Advantage Of Me" is her first album from 1994.  It has more of a R&B feel to it, than a focusing on her soulful voice.  Enjoy.
1. Set Up
2. Cherish This Love
3. Baby Don't Play Me
4. Take Advantage of Me
5. No Groove Sweating
6. Gota Be Down
7. It's On
8. I Get the Job Done
9. That's on Me
10. Blanket of Playboys
11. You Got Someth'n I Want
12. (Don't Let Me Catch You) Slippin'
13. I'm Ready