New to Brown Sugar and Sy Smith PsykoSoul (1999)

Hello. This is my first post to the Brown Sugar Blog. Found it by accident, and instantly knew there were other people that held the same love of Soul music. I'm a collector of rare Soul/Neo Soul/Nu Soul music, so I'm always looking for the unknown but great artist.

Now about Sy Smith's first album.  She's a Howard University graduate, with a degree in Psykology.  You may have never heard of her, but she was on the show Ally McBeal, had a song on the soundtrack for the the PJ's.  Also she had a voice and music role on video games Saint's Row and Saint's Row 2.  Her first solo music contract was with Hollywood  Records, was off to a good start, but was never released.  Thus, the reason for it's rare status previously.  Enjoy.