My first post...

Well as the title says, this is my first post. I am a female that is in love with soul, R&B, and just plain good music. I discover artists all the time, artists that are very talented and need their name to be known. I'm going to start this blog off with Ethiopian-born singer Wayna. This woman has a lot of talent, and this album "Higher Ground(2008)" is amazing.

1. Moonlight Rendezvous
2. A New Scenery
3. Billie Club featuring Muhsinah
4. Loving You (Music) featuring Kokayi
5. Close to You featuring Kenn Starr
6. Daydream
7. Mr. Duracell
8. Interlude
9. Office Politics
10. My Love
11. Not Gonna Go
12. Home
13. Stalking Horse (the Cuba joint)
DOWNLOAD: *Link taken down*


bwilstyle said...

Well I just want to say thanks for making this blog and sharing these timeless masterpieces. And I see you're from my home state so that's even better! Be sure to try/buy/hear the whole Jill Scott Live in Paris album. The album comes with a dvd of the concert. I think some of the music you have here will pause her 3-month reign in my car. Thanks again!

chez said...

i just ran across your blog today . . . it's great, i'm loving it!