Janelle Monáe- Metropolis (Suite I: The Chase)(2007)

Janelle Monáe is not like any other artist out there. She doesn't fit under any particular genre and that's what I love about her. She sings about "Violet Stars" and "Many Moons," and her style is not like anyone else's. She's dropping albums in "Suites" with about 5 songs on each. Here is her first suite with 2 bonus tracks, said to be from the Special Edition which drops August 13th. Enjoy!1. March Of The Wolfmasters
2. Violet Stars Happy Hunting!
3. Many Moons
4. Cybertronic Purgatory
5. Sincerely, Jane
6. Mr. President (Bonus)
7. Smile (Bonus)
*Link taken down. Go buy it!*
I can't wait for Suite II which may be released in 2009? We'll see....


Maria said...

Janelle Monáe is awesome!

chelsea said...

omg i just LOVE janelle monae!
you are so awesome for making a blog and putting all these artists i wouldve NEVER discovered on my own

woosh said...

I adore Janelle Monae and have doen for ages now, well before she got the deal with Bad Boy, the next chapter to this album is gonna be off the scale.