Esperanza Spalding- Esperanza(2008)

Esperanza Spalding is a bassist/vocalist/composer from Portland, Oregon. She sings in English and Spanish and the music is just incredible. I found her on accident, because most of the time I snoop around trying to find different artists.But anyways, I was browsing through the channels trying to find something to watch, and then I see this girl playing the bass and singing. I was amazed. I sat there and watched her and I just HAD to find her album. The vibe that I was getting was just...incredible. THIS is some real Jazz right here. BEFORE you download, watch this:

1. Ponta de Areia
2. I Know You Know
3. Fall In
4. I Adore You
5. Cuerpo y Alma [Body & Soul]
6. She Got to You
7. Precious
8. Mela
9. Love in Time
10. Espera
11. If That's True
12. Samba Em Preludio
DOWNLOAD: *link taken down*


bl said...

She is wonderful! This album is just awesome even if you are not really a jazz fan:)