Darrius - Darrius(2001)

Seattle jazz pianist, Darrius Willrich explodes on the music scene with his self titled cd. ’Darrius’ is his first recording and an awesome testament to a rising new star. Earshot Jazz writes ‘..one earful of his sweet vocals is enough to have audiences shouting for more...’ Darrius invites you to accompany him on his journey in an effort to give voice to ‘the never ending energy residing in the secret place of all hearts.’ This talented performer has quite a future ahead of him. With the release of this album, Darrius show-cases his talents as a singer, songwriter, and composer. His voice and music and the residue of influences like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway take you back to a time when lyrics illustrated love and pain not sex and money. Darrius provides a performance not to be missed.
01. Blissful
02. The waiting is over
03. When she comes to me
04. I am your love
05. Corner Store
06. When she comes...
07. My unceasing love
08. Lost in forever
09. The sooner you know
10. Open my heart
11. Mad Night