Conya Doss - A Poem About Ms. Doss (2002)

This is the album that started my love of all things Conya Doss.  Being a school teacher from Cleveland, OH, with influences from Stevie Wonder, Angela Winbush, Donnie Hathaway and Minnie Ripperton.  Her first album being "A Poem About Ms. Doss", had critical acclaim and regional success.  At this time the album is out of print, and mildly hard to find.  If you like Algebra or April Hill you might just get into Conya Doss. Enjoy.

1. Good Good
2. You Really Hurt Me
3. One More Try
4. Coffee
5. Starship
6. All Because of You
7. Selfish One (Interlude)
8. That's Not Love
9. Zoning in My Dome (Interlude)
10. Feelin' You
11. So Fly
12. Sorry (Interlude)
13. Meantime
14. Smile Again
15. Heaven - Conya Doss,


Black Maybe said...

I've heard "Still..." and "Just Because," but not this one. thanks =)

S.N.J said...

smile again i love that song. her voice is beautiful.

Mr. Nyce Guy said...

Hey First off nice blog props for whats the password on the file?