Chrisette Michele- I Am(2007)

Chrisette Michele is an old soul, and that's a good thing. Her voice is...(let me make a word up real fast) jazztastic. I fell in love with her voice after I heard her on Jay-Z's "Lost Ones." She's also on Nas' "Can't Forget About You." I picked her album up when it came out and it's just...there are no words to describe it. Since then, she has become one of my favorite artists. Check it out.
1. Like A Dream
2. Work It Out
3. Best Of Me
4. Your Joy
5. Good Girl
6. Be Ok feat.
7. If I Have My Way
8. Mr. Radio
9. Golden
10. Let's Rock
11. Love Is You
12. In This For You
13. Is This The Way Love Feels
14. Untitled Bonus Track
DOWNLOAD: *link taken down*